The advanced CoolSculpting technology targets fat cells with precisely controlled cooling that effectively destroys the cells without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. The FDA-cleared procedure uses a unique cooling process called Cryolipolysis®, a technique developed by Harvard University scientists after they noticed that some children’s cheeks dimpled after eating popsicles. You can learn more about this process by visiting our CoolSculpting FAQ page.

We will customize your procedure depending on the areas you want to treat. When treating the abdomen, flanks, or back, the CoolSculpting applicator uses gentle vacuum suction to pull the bulging tissue between 2 cooling panels. The panels deliver precisely controlled cooling to the area, damaging the fat cells deep within in about an hour.

Different applicators treat different areas of fat and may work in slightly different ways while still using CoolSculpting technology. For example, the design of the applicator for treating thighs is slightly different because it does not use vacuum suction. It has a large cooling plate, and the whole applicator is strapped flat against the skin. Treatments with this applicator take a bit longer (around 2 hours) but work well for “non-pinchable” areas of fat, such as the thighs.

The CoolAdvantage™ applicator, with its 3 interchangeable heads, is very effective at treating the abdomen, the flanks, and areas with “vertical” fat, such as the inner thighs. CoolAdvantage is FDA-cleared to operate at a lower temperature for less time, effectively offering patients the same results in less time. No matter how complex your goals are, our practitioners help you plan the details of your procedure to help you get the body you want.

During the treatment, you feel the vacuum suction and cold sensations at first before your skin turns numb, much like with using an icepack. Then, you simply relax while the device does the work. Many patients read or browse the Web on a phone or tablet. Some even nap because the treatment is so comfortable.

Recovery & Results

There is no downtime after a CoolSculpting procedure. A technician massages the treatment area once the applicator is removed, and then you can resume your daily activities.

Fat cells frozen during the session gradually die soon after your treatment and are removed from the body through its natural metabolic processes. During the ensuing 2 to 4 months following the procedure, patients usually notice the bulges that caused concern shrink gradually as the body flushes away dead fat cells, however experiences vary.

Some patients schedule a second treatment session to reach their cosmetic goals, but in many cases a single procedure is enough to produce the desired results.

The effects of CoolSculpting typically last as long as the results of liposuction. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen can help you maximize and prolong your results.