Advanced Laser Options for Scar Improvement – Palomar Fractional 1540 Laser Treatment

The Palomar 1540 laser treatment is great at improving scars in an easy, minimal downtime procedure. It works particularly well for acne scars with minimal downtime. Besides improving the appearance of scars, it can also improve skin texture, sun damage, skin pore size, and stretch marks. Using fractional non-ablative laser technology, Palomar’s Fractional 1540 laser allows a more comfortable treatment with a rapid recovery. The patient typically can return to normal activities immediately, with 1 to 3 days of minimal redness and swelling. Fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing uses hundreds of tiny high-precision microbeams to create narrow, deep columns of tissue coagulation into the medium layers of the skin. During the natural healing process, new collagen is formed, thus improving scars, stretch marks, skin texture, wrinkles, and sun damaged skin.

The Starlux 1540 erbium laser beams actually go deep into the dermis (the deeper part of the skin) and promote the growth of new collagen in the dermis. This new collagen fills the deficient dermis, tightens skin, and plumps the skin beneath the depression.

The best thing is that the Starlux 1540 is a non-ablative laser, which means that the surface of the skin is not damaged or removed during the treatment. This means that you do not have to go through the longer healing required by ablative resurfacing methods.

We apply a numbing cream to your skin prior to treatment for your comfort. The Starlux 1540 handpiece has a small circle at the end which is pressed against the skin, and the laser is then turned on. You will feel heat as the machine is turned on; however patients find it easy to tolerate.

The skin is not broken, thus the skin is only pink or red after treatment. No open wounds, no skin peel, no need for soaks or dressings. The pinkness may last one to several days, but you can use makeup to cover it because the skin is intact.

Some patients get noticeable results with one to two treatments. For most patients, about 4 treatments spaced 4-5 weeks apart are recommended to achieve maximum collagen production and skin improvement. Severe, deep wounds caused by acne or surgery may require more treatments for optimal results.

You will see mild swelling the first two weeks after treatment, but this swelling is just the immediate effect of the treatment. New collagen production does not begin for six weeks after the treatment, and visible improvements are usually seen in several months. The collagen production continues for six months to a year after the last treatment. By 6 months into the program, which is 3 months after your last and fourth treatment, you should be seeing visible results. The results should continue to improve for at least 6 months after your last treatment.

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